National Aufguss Championships Held at Therme Bucharest

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Following the first National Aufguss Championship in Romania, three members of the Therme Bucharest team have qualified to represent Romania for the first time at the International Aufguss Competition in the Netherlands. 

The Aufguss masters prepared special sauna sessions which were evaluated by an international jury with members from Belgium, Denmark and Germany. The sessions were judged on different criteria including professionalism and overall impression, distribution of heat (including how the Aufguss master controls the steam produced to make the session enjoyable, healthy and comfortable), waving techniques (heat and humidity distribution using either a flag, towel or fan ensuring that the essential oils are distributed evenly to each sauna participant), essential oils choices and dosage, creativity and innovation, overall atmosphere and team spirit.
The Aufguss Masters brought different themed sessions to the show Aufguss category including ‘Angels in White Robes’ which was inspired by the Master’s experience of being a nurse and ‘Transylvania’ where Dracula waved a red cape and used blood orange essential oils in a folklore-inspired session. Another example was Shaman’s Hut where two Masters portrayed the origins of traditional sauna and how herbalism developed to improve health. 

The Aufguss Masters designed sauna sessions to key criteria in order to impress the international jury

“For me, the most amazing part of the competition was the support it received from the wellbeing community here at Therme Bucharest. We have guests who have been supporting us since day one. The competition was held during the week and many of them took a day off work to attend. They offered support to each competitor and were excited for every single Aufguss. A strong wellbeing community has developed here in Bucharest comprised of people who share our values of wellbeing and health and that understand the benefits that Therme is bringing to the world.”

Cosmin Ciric, Head of Wellness Therapies at Therme Bucharest

Aufguss is an aromatherapy ritual performed in dry saunas which involves an Aufguss Master circulating steam infused with essential oils to sauna practitioners to create a multisensory experience. Aufguss, like many sauna experiences, have preventative health benefits. The team at Therme Bucharest offer three different types of Aufguss: Classic, Modern and Show. It is a central part of the Therme experience and one of the most popular wellness therapies offered. 

The competitors and jury, from left to right: (back) Felix Reschke (Jury Member), Kim Pedersen (Jury Member), Ciusa Mihai, Yvan Fermyn (Jury Member), Andreea Vacarescu, Diana Boamfa, Alexandra Dragomirescu, Andreea Brostiuc, Monica Cazangiu. (Front) Craciun Adrian, Claudiu Ganea, Adrian Manolache, Andrei Serban, Vechiu Cristian and Cosmin Ciric

The 2022 National Aufguss Championship

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