Dr Mona Simion, COGITO Researcher Wins 2021 Young Epistemologist Prize

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Dr Mona Simion, from COGITO, the Epistemology Research Centre at the University of Glasgow has been awarded the 2021 Young Epistemologist Prize. 

Dr Mona Simion, winner of the 2021 Young Epistemologist Prize

As part of its commitment to delivering its vision of wellbeing for all, in 2019 Therme Group partnered with COGITO to develop a research programme to explore the science and philosophy of wellbeing. Dr. Simion, one of the founding members of COGITO, has been working closely with Therme Group to lay the foundations of the ‘Dimensions of Wellbeing’ programme. 

The project is the first large-scale, interdisciplinary investigation into the nature of wellbeing. It will provide invaluable data on the function of architecture and environment on human wellbeing. These key insights will then be applied to Therme Group facilities worldwide, helping to create environments that are perfectly optimised for guest’s wellbeing. The initial pilot programme research focussed on how the construction and functioning of thermal baths can foster a sense of wellbeing. 

Therme Group would like to congratulate Dr Simion for her fantastic achievement and look forward to continuing to work closely with her and COGITO into the future.

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