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Our Impact

The primary purpose of Therme projects is to benefit all members of the communities they serve.


Through its inclusive approach, Therme provides opportunities to:

• Adopt healthier lifestyles
• Build stronger communities
• Create a more resilient environment

Therme’s integrated urban wellbeing concept is accessible to as wide a group of guests as possible through:

Exceptional value for money

Central city locations

Ability to welcome 1m+ p.a.

Pay-as-you-go model (no membership)

Outreach schemes

Accessible sustainable transport

Dawn to late-night opening 365 days

Disabled access in all new locations

Benefiting Cities and Communities

The primary purpose of Therme projects is to benefit the communities they serve. This is achieved both as a direct result of the Therme experience and by acting as a catalyst for wider activities around biodiversity, cultural inclusion, urban greening and more. Therme projects are also key drivers of post-Covid economic, social and environmental recovery.

Social & Cultural
Healthy Living


• Job creation and economic growth
• Inward investment
• Boosting city profiles
• Driving eco-tourism & wellness tourism
• Contributing to public revenues

Social & Cultural

• A vital piece of inclusive social infrastructure 
• A cultural catalyst 
• Drives social connection
• Boosts civic pride
• Builds skills in the workforce and supports the community
• A research and innovation hub working with local institutions

Healthy Living

• Boosts mental and physical health, building resilient communities
• Encourages active healthy lifestyles
• Access to water and nature (‘green’ and ‘blue’ space)
• Reduces health care expenditure and economic impact of ‘sick days’
• Drives positive behaviour change for physical activity and nutrition


Therme Group works not just to limit the environmental impact of its projects, but 
to actively improve and ‘green’ the surrounding area.

• Sustainable design, construction and operation
• Brings nature to the urban environment
• A sustainable staycation / ecotourism destination
• Drives environmental consciousness through education and training
• Sustainably and ethically sourced food

Community Engagement

Even before a Therme facility is operational, Therme Group is committed to being a positive force in the community. We work closely with local organisations to help boost health and wellbeing and ensure that Therme facilities are perfectly suited to benefit the communities they serve.

The Therme Manchester Marathon

In 2021 and 2022, Therme Group was the headline sponsor of the Therme Manchester Marathon, helping to encourage healthy active lifestyles and raise over £3 million for charity.

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