Therme Art Program hosts a Therme Workshop on Free Future Cities at Bauer Palladio

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Following the Therme Forum Free Future Cities panel discussion, a Therme Workshop at Bauer Palladio explored the connections between humans and nature, and their cumulative potential to positively impact the design of our future cities.

The workshop’s first portion was led by Stefano Mancuso, author and Professor of Botany at the University of Florence, whose insights on plant neurobiology and biological signaling served as a framework for a discussion on Biomimicry, a form of design modelled after biological structures.

The second portion was led by the artists Lonneke Gordijn of Studio Drift and examined how art can utilize technology to come to a more thorough understanding of nature, and ultimately ourselves.

We are more part of the natural system than we often realize. How we behave, make choices, what we develop, what we make, what drives us and why we feel certain things, are very much reflected in everything that we consider nature around us. Almost everything on earth has the same drive and cycle of existence. We are all part of the same evolution. Technology, architecture, art, everything we develop, successes or failures, exist in the same system of striving towards progress and comes from a driving force that makes us want to rise above ourselves.”

Lonneke Gordijn commented.

Therme Art presents Therme Forum

‘FREE FUTURE CITIES’ at the British Pavilion, Venice

2.35 min

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