Therme U.S. Hosted a Special Wellness-Themed Booth at H Street Festival

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Over the weekend, Therme joined in the festivities and hosted a special wellness-themed booth at H Street Festival.

It was amazing to see so many D.C. residents and visitors along the H Street Corridor celebrating, and we’re honored to have been a part of such an iconic and impactful event.
Visitors to Therme’s booth were able to pick up some cool swag, and learn more about our work around the world and exciting plans for D.C. We got to chat about wellness with all kinds of people and hear so many visions of what a Therme D.C. could look like.
As Therme continues working to identify potential sites for a D.C. facility, we look forward to hosting and participating in many more local events and hearing from community members about what they’d like to see from a Therme D.C.

Excited people gather as we educate the H Street Festival about Therme US and the future of the city.

Crowds gather at the H street festival

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