Therme Group Announces 2nd UK Location in Glasgow as part of activities at COP26

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At the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow, Therme Group announced the location of its 2nd state of the art UK project. On a waterfront site in central Glasgow, the project will be next to the Riverside Museum, at the intersection of the Kelvin and Clyde rivers. 

Therme is aiming to submit a planning application for Therme Scotland in 2022. Therme Scotland is expected to be around 320,000 sq ft in size and to cost around £100 million to build. It will include a next-generation indoor water park, extensive thermal pools and spa, and a health and wellbeing centre. 

Introducing urban farms at Therme locations

Additional elements of the project also include a vertical farm, delivered by Therme’s new joint venture with award-winning UK-based agritech experts, IGS (Intelligent Growth Systems), Therme IGE. Officially launched at COP26, Therme IGE was developed by Therme RPC, Therme’s dedicated wellbeing food and nutrition business and IGS. It will see large-scale urban farms developed at Therme Group’s wellbeing destinations worldwide, enabling sustainable and locally grown, nutrient-rich fresh produce to be available to the millions of guests that will visit every year.

Compared to traditional agriculture, the Therme IGE concept drastically reduces water and energy consumption, using 80% less water and 400% increased space efficiency. This makes urban locations a viable option for large-scale food production. There are zero ‘food miles’ for the produce, which will initially include kale, rocket, basil and dill. The 100% pesticide-free concept results in enhanced flavours and nutrients, alongside an accelerated rate of plant growth.

The produce grown within the Therme IGEs will be used in Therme’s restaurants, bars, and skin products. As much as creating delicious menus, Therme is focused on boosting mental and physical health through exciting and engaging food experiences. The first Therme IGE hydroponic farm will be located at Therme Bucharest.

A focus on sustainability

Therme links sustainability and wellbeing, working to enhance urban environments and deliver long term population health benefits. At Therme Scotland, in addition to the vertical farm, the group is looking at how it can introduce renewable heat sources and is considering both geothermal energy and water source heat pumps.

The site is easily accessible to sustainable transport, being in close proximity to Partick interchange. Plans also include a bridge across the River Kelvin, linking the Riverside Museum to Therme Scotland and expanding access to the Glasgow waterfront. A second bridge will be built by Glasgow City Council over the River Clyde, between Govan and Partick which will enable access for all communities.

Therme Scotland will be situated at the meeting point of the Kelvin and the Clyde rivers

Serving the Glasgow community 

Therme Scotland will be Therme’s second wellbeing destination in the UK after Therme Manchester. Therme is driven by a vision of ‘wellbeing for all’, in part enabled by accessible entry price points. The group will work with local stakeholders to create schemes for people with health challenges and from all backgrounds to access Therme Scotland at reduced rates and experience the wellbeing benefits it brings. Located between the University of Glasgow, Queen Elizabeth University Hospital and the city centre, Therme Scotland will partner with academic experts on multi-disciplinary research to maximise the health and wellbeing benefits delivered to the community.

The primary purpose of Therme projects is to benefit the communities they serve. This is achieved both as a direct result of the Therme experience and by acting as a catalyst for wider activities around biodiversity, cultural inclusion, urban greening and more. Therme projects are also key drivers of post-Covid economic, social and environmental recovery. Therme Scotland will create a fun and accessible experience with profound health and wellbeing benefits for all. We look forward to engaging with the Glasgow community as we progress with the design and development of Therme Scotland.

Stelian Iacob, Senior Vice President of Therme Group and CEO of Therme Group UK

We are excited to agree Heads of Terms with Therme Group. This significant health and wellbeing destination will be a unique and sustainable addition to Glasgow Waters, Peel L&P’s major waterfront regeneration project. This important facility on the Clydeside, adjacent to Peel L&P’s existing and proposed developments, will benefit the whole region as well as attracting visitors from further afield to come and enjoy Glasgow. Peel L&P’s vision for Glasgow Waters is to develop the waterfront as a key retail, leisure and tourism destination on the Clyde, which will complement, support and revive the surrounding area. Therme Scotland will be an exciting visitor attraction and bring investment into the area. We look forward to working with Therme Group and engaging with local communities and public authorities to progress the design and delivery of Therme Glasgow.

James Whittaker, Peel L&P Executive Director of Development

Therme Group COO, Stelian Iacob and Executive Director of Development at Peel L&P, James Whittaker signing the heads of terms agreement for the Therme Scotland site

‘Climate Justice, Risk and Wellbeing’ at the UK Universities’ Climate Innovation Showcase, COP26

As part of Therme Group’s partnership with Universities in Scotland, it supported COGITO the Epistemology Research Centre at the University of Glasgow, led by Professor Mona Simion in hosting an event titled ‘Climate Justice, Risk and Wellbeing’ as part of the wider UK Universities’ Climate Innovation Showcase at COP26. 

The event welcomed speakers including academics from the Universities of Sheffield, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Sterling, the first Future Generations Commissioner for Wales, Sophie Howe, as well as a session delivered by Therme Group UK’s CEO Stelian Iacob and COO James Mark.

The event showcased for the general public in an accessible and engaging way the results of an interdisciplinary collaboration between four research projects in five UK & EU universities, together with a multinational industry partner, on these pressing questions.

Therme Group was honoured to further its commitment to finding research led solutions that can improve the wellbeing of guests in Scotland and beyond.

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