Therme Canada’s Ontario Place Design Update Features Even More Free Park Space

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Therme Canada has released its newly evolved design for the West Island of Ontario Place, which delivers its year-round family-friendly destination attraction alongside four more acres of public parkland. 

The update features new areas designed with input from the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation (MCFN) and also incorporates feedback from public meetings, community engagement and City of Toronto planning staff. When complete, the West Island will become one of the largest public gathering spaces on Toronto’s Western waterfront.

Changes include:
• New campus-style layout of the West Island with four more acres of public space, including parks, rooftop trails and gardens, bringing the total to nearly 16 acres – more than currently exists on the West Island.
• New public gathering spaces where families, friends and tourists from across the world can gather together, socialise, and enjoy the waterfront. 
• New features designed in partnership with the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation that celebrate the history and culture of Indigenous presence on the water, as well as the design of the original Ontario by offering enhanced views of the Pods, Cinesphere, downtown skyline and Lake Ontario.

The parkland and trails surrounding Therme Canada will be free and accessible all year round.

“The design that we revealed today delivers the same great waterpark and wellbeing attractions, but thanks to feedback, it has even more open parkland, more natural spaces, more public trails, and more places for people to gather. After this revitalization, there will be more public space than currently exists on the West Island, and we are proud to advance a project that responds so meaningfully to the feedback we have heard so far.” 

Dr. Robert Hanea, CEO & Chairman of Therme Group.

With the introduction of new greenspace connecting the West Island to the mainland and a series of green roofs with pathways shaped like the Credit River, the updated design recognises the important role of Indigenous heritage on the site. These areas and more were designed in collaboration with the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation (MCFN) and represent the first look at how our shared journey towards honouring Indigenous presence on the waterfront continues to shape Therme Canada’s approach.

“We are very pleased with the unveiling of the design for the West Island at Ontario Place. Our deep and ongoing partnership with Therme continues to bring us closer to our shared vision for cultural revitalisation and place-keeping. We look forward to our continued collaboration and to advancing the design of the West Island in a meaningful and culturally significant way.”  

Gimaa (Chief) Stacey LaForme.

Therme Canada | Ontario Place will be an affordable and family-friendly wellbeing destination that welcomes millions each year, with something for everyone. Whether visitors want to swim at the new public beach and walk the paths outside, or take advantage of quiet areas to relax inside, take a ride down a thrilling waterslide, or eat at restaurants with nutritious food and beverages, Therme will be a place where everyone can enjoy unforgettable experiences.

As well as increased parkland, Therme Canada | Ontario Place will include public plazas and a swimmable beach.

Details on Proposed Therme Canada | Ontario Place Enhancements 

More Public Parkland & Larger Public Spaces – The public parkland area has been increased by 35 per cent, to 15.9 acres – meaning there will be more public space on the West Island after the revitalization than there was before. Public pathways on the West Island have been made even wider and spaces for additional food concession areas have also been included.  

Larger Rooftop Public Realm – The additional public park space will now run over and through the middle of the Therme buildings, providing additional direct pathways to the water’s edge. The park and landscaping will flow up the roof of the building and will offer new views of the Pods, Cinesphere, downtown skyline and Lake Ontario. 

Redesigned Bridge & MCFN Plaza – The bridge to the West Island has been redesigned to be a greenspace and public pathway that takes people from Lakeshore Boulevard West through the entry pavilion to the West Island. The bridge and pathway are designed to recreate the path of the Credit River, to honour its significance to MCFN, who have lived and continue to live on the north shore of Lake Ontario. This path includes a large new programming space for MCFN to use in traditional ceremonies and other activities.

Larger East Headland Gathering Spaces – The southeastern corner of the island has been re-designed in collaboration with MCFN, who identified the eastern direction (waabinoong) as culturally significant because of its connection to the sun and the origins of all life. The updated design features a larger gathering space and better protection from the elements. 

Reduced Building Volume – The volume of the Therme building has been reduced by 25 per cent. Instead of a single, large structure, the design is now composed of a campus of buildings. 

For more detailed information on the project visit the Therme Canada | Ontario Place website.

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