Therme Group US and Mayor Muriel Bowser Partner to Bring Innovative Wellness Facility to Washington, DC

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At Destination D.C.’s 2023 Travel Rally, Chief Development Officer Omar Toro-Vaca joined Mayor Muriel Bowser to announce a new partnership with the District of Columbia – one designed to bring Therme Group’s innovative wellbeing approach to Washington, DC. Therme U.S. and D.C. will partner on identifying a site for a new Therme center that will offer visitors and residents an accessible urban retreat focused on health and wellness. 

Chief Development Officer Omar Toro-Vaca and Mayor Muriel Bowser at Destination D.C.’s 2023 Travel Rally (photos courtesy of Louis Tinsley)

“This is an incredibly exciting opportunity for Washington, DC. When we create destinations that not only bring more visitors to our city, but also create new experiences for our residents – that is a win-win. We know that people are the key to our city’s comeback, and people want experiences that are fun, that support health and wellness, and that are different than what we already have in the region – that is what Therme will bring to DC. In addition to creating a new experience, this will also create more jobs for DC residents and more support for local businesses. All of that is critical to our comeback.”

Mayor Muriel Bowser

Over the coming year, Therme will work with the Mayor's Office and collaborate with council members, business leaders, community partners and residents. As every Therme facility responds uniquely to its location, Therme’s initial focus in D.C. will be on establishing partnerships with stakeholders across the city to discover how a facility can best serve community needs. 

Therme’s partnership with the City aligns with the Mayor's Comeback Plan, which aims to drive economic recovery across the District. The introduction of a new Therme facility is expected to bring in 7,200 construction jobs over a two-year period, 700-800 permanent operations jobs upon facility stabilization, and an estimated $1.1 Billion in D.C. nominal tax revenue flow over 25 years.

Chief Development Officer Omar Toro-Vaca at Destination D.C.’s 2023 Travel Rally (photo courtesy of Louis Tinsley)

“We are thrilled to work together and take the first step to bring Therme’s revolutionary wellbeing concept to the U.S.. The cultural wealth and diversity of the nation’s capital makes it the perfect place to introduce the United States to our holistic model of urban recreation and rejuvenation. We look forward to collaborating with the community and District leaders to develop a civic asset that connects Washingtonians and visitors alike with a new approach to health, nature, and community.”

Omar Toro-Vaca, Chief Development Officer for Therme Group US

photo 1: Omar Toro-Vaca and John Alschuler, Therme Group US. photo 2: Mayor Muriel Bowser and John Alschuler (photos courtesy of Louis Tinsley)

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