Therme Group Canada

True to the Therme vision, the Therme Canada team is creating projects that benefit the mental and physical wellbeing of Canada’s diverse communities. Our flagship location will be built at Toronto’s iconic Ontario Place. As part of the provincial government’s revitalisation efforts across the site, Therme’s proposal will honour Ontario Place’s heritage and bring a first-of-its-kind experience to Toronto’s waterfront.

Therme Canada | Ontario Place will be surrounded by public parkland for the community to enjoy free of charge.

Our future location at Ontario Place will be situated on the West Island and our plans include upgrading and maintaining the surrounding public spaces and parklands. This includes nearly twelve acres of public parkland, with extensive multi-use trails and a brand-new swimming beach that will be open all year. Across the project, we are exploring techniques for habitat creation and restoration. The building will be topped with a 4-acre green roof where terraces covered in native plants will slope down to meet the ground. All the water that gathers on the building and in the park will be collected in tanks, cleaned, and returned to Lake Ontario.

As we continue to refine our plans, we work closely with a range of community organisations and stakeholders. These include the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation, whose treaty lands and territory include the Ontario Place grounds where Therme’s future location will be built.

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