Therme Group’s vision is to create the world’s most advanced wellbeing resorts. Discover the origins of Therme Group and its plans for global expansion to benefit cities throughout the world.

Therme XPR

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World-Class Research

Therme Experience Research (XPR) provides essential market and scientific research to support the development of Therme Group projects all over the world.  

Through hundreds of research hours, Therme XPR determines the specific qualities of each location, including character traits for every demographic, ensuring that all new facilities work in harmony with their local contexts. This essential research is further supplemented with data analytics, scientific evidence and reports. Taking the time to better understand its customers provides Therme Group with the insights necessary to deliver meaningful wellbeing experiences to every guest.  

All of Therme Group’s activity is informed by carefully considered research.

Providing Essential Insight

Therme XPR connects with teams across Therme Group’s companies to identify and support their individual objectives and shared vision. In this way, the XPR team delivers relevant information, trends and ideas throughout Therme Group to further overall development. 

The XPR team was central to the selection of the Therme Manchester project and its ongoing development. The team has carried out extensive qualitative and quantitative research into the UK and more specifically Greater Manchester, analysing the local population in terms of things like cultural habits, workforce character, level of wages, leisure preferences and financial situation.  

This essential research allows Therme Group to create a unique wellbeing experience and make a positive impact in the Greater Manchester area. 

Comprehensive research into local contexts allows Therme Group to create facilities tailored to benefit the wellbeing of the communities they serve.

Supporting Innovation

Scientific research allows Therme Group to continually grow and innovate. Therme XPR coordinates this research, focusing on health and wellbeing, technological innovation and the interaction between the two. A central pillar of this research is exploring sustainable technologies and materials. These findings inform development plans for Therme Group projects worldwide, providing support to the construction of its highly environmentally friendly facilities.  

Therme XPR’s research also informs and supports the development of Therme Group’s vision for cities and communities of the future, informed by its vision of ‘wellbeing for all’. For example, XPR provided key insights for Therme Group’s recent green paper – Human Cities: Increasing Urban Wellbeingwhich explores key topics related to urban wellbeing in the context of growing city populations.

Therme XPR supported the research of Therme Group’s green paper: Human Cities: Increasing Urban Wellbeing
The Therme XPR leadership team, from left to right, Mariana Suciu, Mihaela Vescu.

Leadership Team
Mariana Suciu

Mariana Suciu


Before joining Therme Group, Mariana was involved in the events & exhibition industry, for 18 years holding various positions within the biggest exhibition center in Romania, including Managing Director.

Mariana holds a bachelor’s degree in Marketing & International Relations, followed by post-graduate studies in Human Resources Management, Quality Management and Trade Fair Management.

With an eye for details, she manages to see beyond the obvious in our projects and brings new ‘out-of-the box’ ideas and improved strategies, by setting and overcoming new boundaries.

Alongside her team, Mariana is one of our key assets in developing insightful projects with the highest level of outcomes.

Mihaela Vescu
New Business Manager

Mihaela Vescu

New Business Manager

Mihaela is a key member of the Therme XPR team. With an extensive knowledge gained from over 15 years in marketing and project management, she has a keen sense of how to devise and deliver projects that make a major positive impact.

Mihaela has a strong background in market analysis and helps the whole team to understand and evaluate large data sets using the best professional techniques.

Most of all, she is always seeking new insights in all areas, delivering high-quality studies that are the cornerstones for future developments.