Therme Group partners with COGITO Glasgow to develop the scientific formula of wellbeing

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Therme Group is working with partners COGITO, the epistemology group at the University of Glasgow, to develop a scientific formula of wellbeing.

The COGITO partnership, is part of an initiative by Therme Group to collaborate with world-leading academic institutions. Initial pilot programme research focussed on how the construction and functioning of thermal baths can foster a sense of wellbeing. The ongoing project will be the first integrated research program looking at all dimensions of wellbeing. Throughout the partnership, COGITO’s findings will be tested in the facilities owned by Therme Group across the world. This direct implementation in the wellness industry will provide invaluable data to understand the function of architecture and environment on human wellbeing.

COGITO is the largest and most active epistemology research group in Europe and one of the largest worldwide. The members of the group are recognised for their projects connecting philosophy with technology and science, one of the most important ones being on the philosophy of safety engineering, carried out in partnership with NASA. Their relevant expertise in the nature of wellbeing, ethics, epistemology and emotions makes them uniquely well suited to collaborating with Therme Group on well-being related themes.

Since its launch, Therme Group has applied the latest technologies in wellbeing with the goal of enhancing the physical and mental comfort of the communities it serves. Therme Group’s overarching philosophical mission to use modern technology to enhance physical and mental wellbeing for all informs everything—from architecture, to carefully controlled ambient temperature and lighting.

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