Therme Group celebrates long-term partnership with Sibiu International Theater Festival

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Continuing its ongoing support of FITS, the Sibiu International Theater Festival, Therme Group commissioned Romanian architecture firm Manadelucru to design a pavilion for the 2019 event. The project focused on the unexplored potential of urban areas and the potential to make hidden city areas visible. Realized within the historical premises of Piata Mica 22, the pavilion connected the three courtyards of the space and served as a venue for the celebratory dinner organized on the evening of June 21st.

Titled ”not about me” the work stands at the intersection of urbanism, architecture and art, providing a contemporary reflection of the historical surroundings. The interior references the growth of trees with a mirrored surface; a shiny exterior that reflects both ground and sky, thus melting into the built environment.

Sibiu International Theatre festival is Romania’s leading event in the performance arts calendar and is internationally acknowledged for its diverse programming and artistic depth. The Festival enables international creative dialogue and creates a platform for interdisciplinary collaboration.

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