New Therme Publication Explores the Science behind Water, Heat, and Cold Therapies

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Therme Group has launched a new publication, The Science Behind Water, Heat, and Cold Therapies: A Collection of Evidence, presenting in-depth scientific study into the powerful impact of water, heat and cold exposure. 

Through its cutting-edge technology, Therme is reviving and globalising ancient traditions of thermal bathing, offering state-of-the-art facilities that provide a unique blended experience for the mind, body and spirit. Topics include thermal and mineral bathing, sauna, massage, infrared therapy, cold exposure therapy and nature.  

Developed by Therme’s research team Therme XPR, this research demonstrates the key benefits of the Therme experience on its guests' health and wellbeing, while also presenting important insights on the transformative effects of sauna and bathing culture to the health and wellbeing industry as a whole. 

Read the publication in full here.

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