Huge Success at Therme Bucharest’s First Herbarium Festival

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As part of its commitment to championing sauna culture, Therme Bucharest launched Herbarium Festival, its new flagship event dedicated to sauna and herbalism. Herbarium was hugely successful and drew together thousands of visitors united in the joy of wellness and nature.

This first edition included bathing rituals inspired by those found in Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Estonia, Japan and eight further regions. Guests could enjoy up to 25 sessions and activities a day, including natural plant-based scrubs, herbal infusions, Tibetan bowl therapy and workshops on the healing properties of plants.

Herbarium welcomed over 30 international specialists in aromatherapy, holistic therapy and herbalism, along with aufguss masters from 13 different countries, each presenting aufguss sessions using only natural ingredients that grow in their local communities. Each activity aimed to not only provide a relaxing and enjoyable experience but also educate guests on the diverse traditions of thermal bathing and the many medicinal properties of plants, helping to foster a deeper connection with each other and the natural world. 

The festival also included the Herbarium Exhibition, which hosted 13 national and international exhibitors of 100% natural, plant-based products such as essential oils, natural soaps, bath salts, plant syrups, honey-based natural supplements, natural perfumes, lavender-based products, smoothies, teas and infusions, cosmetics and care products.

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