Evidence-based nutrition

Therme RPC

Therme RPC delivers transformational food and beverage strategies across all Therme Group resorts that are nutritious, delicious, sustainable, and accessible to all.

Delivering the World’s Most Advanced Wellbeing Focussed Food Experiences

Therme Group understands that how we nourish and hydrate our bodies significantly impacts our physical, mental and social health and the health of the world around us. To reflect this within its facilities, Therme RPC was established – a global joint venture of Therme Group and Russell Partnership Collection, the world-renowned food, hospitality and technology consultancy. 

Therme RPC delivers transformational food and beverage strategies across all Therme Group resorts that are nutritious, delicious, sustainable, and accessible to all. 

Using high-quality and environmentally-friendly ingredients, Therme RPC will deliver delicious food offers and inform visitors about smart food choices. This educational approach encourages long-term, sustainable behavioural changes that benefit all aspects of health and wellbeing.

A healthy diet is key to wellbeing. Therme RPC designs menus that are nutritious with something to suit everyone’s tastes.

Evidence Based Nutrition

As well as creating unforgettable dining experiences, Therme RPC develops food options that support the health and vitality of the millions of guests that visit Therme resorts every year. 

The Therme RPC team embodies a dynamic group of food experts, bringing together registered nutritionists alongside food consultants, strategists and psychologists. The team develops food and beverage options informed by evidence-based nutrition research, national guidelines and bio-individuality, whilst remaining sensitive to culture, food preferences and dietary needs. Significant consideration is also given to how nutrition can extend the wellbeing therapies offered at Therme Group facilities. 

This scientific and people-orientated approach to nutrition allows Therme RPC to develop food concepts and menus that are educational and inclusive, true to Therme Group's vision of 'wellbeing for all'.

Using nutritional research methods, Therme RPC offers an inclusive food experience that is tailored to the needs of every guest.

Sustainable Food Innovations

In line with Therme Group's overarching environmental goals, Therme RPC is committed to ensuring that all food and beverage options are delivered with minimal environmental impact and sourced locally wherever possible. 

Therme RPC will develop innovative sustainable technologies within Therme Group resorts, including Therme Manchester. Examples of these include the creation of onsite hydroponic vertical farms, roof-top beehives, traditional artisan bakeries and partnerships with chalk stream fish farms and local producers. 

The onsite vertical farms will grow produce both for Therme Group's restaurants and for the wider local community. Vertical farm technology uses 95% less water than traditional agriculture with no pesticides or herbicides. With a huge emphasis on sustainability across the group, the farms will use advanced systems for energy-efficient environmental control. 

Central to each of these innovations is education. Training academies and knowledge centres will also be available at Therme Group resorts, acting as centres for enrichment, engagement and food education.

With sustainable innovations such as vertical farming, Therme RPC creates a truly unique dining experience.

Meet the Therme RPC team

James Johnson Head of F&B Design and Operations
Head of F&B Design and Operations
James acts as the food and beverage conduit to other Therme Group companies to collaborate and project manage food outlet development, food mobilisation and delivery of the Therme Group food and beverage experience. James is responsible for the design and implementation of  Therme Group facilities' food and beverage equipment, technical services, and design solutions. He leads food and beverage concept development and mobilisation, upholding the Therme RPC food vision. Prior to his engagement with Therme RPC, James spent much of his 30-year career in food operations within the UK and South Africa running and developing his own and corporate restaurant branded concepts. James combines this role with that of Russell Partnership Collection, where he acts as a food consultant. 
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Prof. David Russell Non-Executive Chairman
Non-Executive Chairman
David was appointed Chief Executive of Therme UK in July 2023 following a successful three-year tenure as Chief Executive of the joint venture between The Russell Partnership Collection and Therme Group. In the Therme UK CEO’s role David will deliver Therme Groups’ mission of ‘wellbeing for all’ – for individuals, communities and the environment. David was honoured with the Welcome Skills Lifetime Achievement Award for his total commitment to the Hospitality and Leisure industry and in 2022 was recognised as a Legend of Industry. David created and built the UK’s largest Food and Technology Consultancy for over 30 years, in over 30 countries. David read Hospitality Management at Leeds, is a Freeman of the City of London, a Professor of Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure and a qualified nutritionist, he is named in the list of most influential individuals within hospitality in the UK, has presented over 500 global keynote addresses and published an excess of 200 articles.
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Michelle Harbour Office of the Non-Executive Chairman
Office of the Non-Executive Chairman
Michelle supports the Non-Executive Chairman in leading the company's efforts in developing and implementing strategic plans to satisfy the demands of its internal customers and to develop a supportive work environment for its team.   Michelle holds high-level, contemporary client liaison and coordination capability. She manages the professional team and services, providing strategic business support to the Non-Executive Chairman.
Charlotte Harbour Head of Nutrition and Co-Founder Therme Connect
Head of Nutrition and Co-Founder Therme Connect
Charlotte is a fully qualified, Registered Nutritional Therapist, Functional Medicine Practitioner and is the Head of Nutrition for Therme RPC, leading a team of wellbeing experts. Charlotte co-founded Therme Connect with Professor David Russell in 2021. Therme Connect is part of Therme RPC and is a unique destination delivering personalised, evidence-based integrative nutrition and wellbeing therapies across Therme Group Wellbeing Resorts and select boutique locations around the world. With a first-class BSc in Nutritional Therapy from the University of West London, Charlotte is currently pursuing an MSc in Clinical Nutrition (AfN accredited) at the University of Aberdeen. She is among the 30 fully certified Nutritional Therapists in the UK who possess Functional Medicine practitioner (IFMCP) certification. Charlotte is registered with BANT and CNHC, and she has also received training from the Kharrazian Institute, psychoneuroimmunology and performance coaching. Charlotte is a practicing and fully insured Registered Nutritional Therapist, delivering clinical guidance to private clients from an evidence-based and functional medicine perspective.
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Darren Moore Head of Food Futures 
Head of Food Futures 
Darren leads the development of ongoing research and analysis in order to quantify niche food and beverage market opportunities for Therme RPC. He further creates and delivers products and services within the food, beverage and wellbeing offer for Therme RPC globally. Darren has over 30 years of experience within the hospitality, licensed, retail and hotel industry. He has worked in partnership with leading organisations within the UK, Middle East, Australia, Bermuda, the Caribbean & USA. Darren combines this role with that of Russell Partnership Collection, where he acts as a global food consultant based in Dubai, UAE.
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Peter Russell Chief Technology Officer
Chief Technology Officer
Peter leads on technology across Therme RPC and is responsible for aligning technology-related decisions with the organisation's goals and objectives. This includes developing the vision and strategy and ensuring this remains up to date in the ever-evolving digital landscape. He also works to discover and implement new technology to yield a competitive advantage for Therme RPC and the links this has with the wider Therme Group. Peter is responsible for research and development in terms of technology, which also includes staying abreast of emerging technologies. He is also pivotal in managing the company's IT infrastructure and systems, ensuring that they not only align with but also efficiently and securely support the company's operational requirements. His responsibilities extend to playing a crucial role in cybersecurity and risk management, where he is dedicated to safeguarding the company's data and technological assets. Peter is also Chief Technology Officer for Russell Partnership Collection where he leads the business on technology consultancy, business simulation development and learning and development programs. He has worked with clients across more than 30 countries and works closely with the majority of the world’s leading hotel and hospitality companies. Peter has 17 years of industry experience and regularly speaks at industry and education conferences worldwide on various topics, including hospitality management, technology, sustainability and revenue management. He is also a very active member of multiple associations worldwide, including The International Society of Hospitality Consultants, HSMAI, CHRIE, The Institute of Hospitality, THE-ICE, and HOSCO.
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Michael Sebti Lead Designer
Lead Designer
Michael is a specialist creative consultant with a wealth of experience in F&B, retail, and hospitality. He is a highly creative, client facing designer, leading his teams on often complex operational and creative briefs. Working to find synergy between the food concept / the food service model and the design experience. Over the past twenty-five years, he has been finding the balance between the spatial concept, operations and the front of house customer experience. Where Michael excels is in the understanding of what the end user really needs from a powerful environmental experience. By calculating the right customer journey for each user group, Michael can deliver environmental experiences that meet their needs whilst weaving in superior operational solutions. Prior to his employment with the Russell Partnership Collection, Michael completed a number of large food hall projects around the world in Korea, Sao Paulo and the UK. Recently collaborating with distinguished Korean Creative Director Kuho Jung on a 70,000 sq. ft flagship Foodhall for Lotte in Seoul. Prior to this, he won a 2018 FAB Award for Best Food Retail Environment with the 90,00 Sq. ft Lotte Jamsil store, also in Seoul, Korea.
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Robert-John van Exter Food and Beverage Operations
Food and Beverage Operations
Robert-John van Exter has spent his entire professional career in the hospitality industry, which is an area of business he is passionate about. He studied Hospitality and Hotel Management at the world famous Hotelschool The Hague, which included completing two international internships. Robert-John then embarked on a journey in five-star hotels, managing restaurant and banqueting operations, including work at the two Michelin-star Waldorf Astoria in Amsterdam. He then moved to the UK where he worked at the Ascot Racecourse as its Fine Dining Operations Manager. His time there included the delivery of four successful editions of Royal Ascot which takes place each summer in June. He took tremendous pride with what he delivered and achieved at Ascot. He went on to become General Manager in several Michelin star level restaurants in London before joining the Russell Partnership Collection. He also has the role as Head of Food and Beverage for Therme RPC in Germany.
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