Therme Group’s vision is to create the world’s most advanced wellbeing resorts. Discover the origins of Therme Group and its plans for global expansion to benefit cities throughout the world.

Our Story

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Therme Group, the story so far…


Therme Group’s wellbeing resort concept originated in Germany and over the course of 20 years developed into vital pieces of social infrastructure. Providing entertainment, water-based activities and wellbeing for all. They are now an essential element of life for people throughout the country.

Our approach challenges the preconception of wellbeing as only for the privileged few. Scale, technology and mass customization combine to create a unique experience – affordable luxury for all.

Seeing the improvements in happiness and health achieved in Germany, the founders of Therme Group were struck by a simple question: what if bringing the concept to cities around the world could make a profound impact on global wellbeing?

Therme Bucharest – A Flagship International Development

In strategic partnership with Wund Holdings, Therme Group developed the concept internationally, opening the first Therme Group resort outside of Germany in Bucharest, Romania in 2016.

Therme Bucharest is a flagship for the concept and the most advanced resort to date. It has become one of the country’s most popular attractions, providing an oasis of relaxation and fun in the busy European capital.

Therme Bucharest is one of Europe’s largest leisure facilities to date. With more than 1.2 million visitors per year, Therme Bucharest is popular, accessible and embodies our vision of wellbeing for all.

Wellbeing Cities

Today’s global wellbeing movement, driven by governments, society and consumers, is looking for solutions to challenges in cities around the world.

Therme Group is uniquely able to meet some of these challenges. Using world-leading technology, it creates unique wellbeing resorts which enable residents of busy cities to have an accessible connection to nature.

Working with stakeholders around the world, the group is a leading innovator in the drive for universal wellbeing in the cities of the future. Active projects, which take the concept to an even higher level of excellence, are under development in the United Kingdom, mainland Europe, North America and Asia Pacific.

A Platform for Global Expansion

Therme Group has an extremely strong business platform to support its worldwide ambitions. It is backed by private equity and part of major shareholder A-Heat, a global technology and engineering group. This gives Therme Group the support to pursue a programme of rapid global expansion.

Therme Group’s proprietary knowhow, combined with a number of strategic acquisitions, gives Therme Group a unique ability to bring the Therme Group concept to cities around the world.

Transparent, Ethical & Trustworthy

The primary objective of every Therme Group project is to make a positive impact in the communities served. The highest standards of compliance, transparency and staff welfare are vital in this process.

We know and understand every element of our supply chain and only work with trusted partners who reflect our ethical values and world-class standards of quality and sustainability.

The Story Continues…

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