Human Cities: Increasing Urban Wellbeing

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Therme Group’s paper Human cities: Increasing Urban Wellbeing presents an overview of wellbeing in cities, drawing on research from a broad range of academic disciplines including anthropology, geography, physiology, economics, art, psychology, and architecture.

Cities can be exciting places, where ideas and culture thrive. However, it is also a place where social inequalities can reign. Obesity, stress and anxiety, isolation, air pollution and restricted access to green or blue space are just some of the aspects of city life that negatively impact human wellbeing.
The central theme of Human Cities is interconnectivity. The paper proposes that individual wellbeing is not just dependent on personal needs, but on the interconnected nature of all citizens. It presents challenges and solutions associated with the four main dimensions of wellbeing – physical, mental, social and spiritual – showing how they overlap and intrinsically link to our environment.
At Therme Group we want to bring people together in a movement for urban wellbeing. Together, we believe we can create the conditions for humans to thrive in urban settings in cities around the world. We play our part in this vision through sustainable and inclusive wellbeing resorts that champion nature, technology and culture, and form part of a connected city system.


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