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FabPub (Fabrication Public) is a joint venture between Therme Group and Mamou-Mani Architects. Its expert team of in-house digital fabrication and material experts use 3D modelling, 3D printing, fabrication, prototyping, laser cutting, engraving, and assembly to design and deliver intricate technical ideas for internal and external architectural systems in Therme resorts.

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The 3D design process employs a blend of bio-plastics (PLA) and UV-resistant or fireproof additives or ceramic panels to create features such as 3D-printed architectural partitions and walls, cladding, staircase balustrades, acoustic panels, planted vertical walls, and canopies.
Therme Group's partnership with FabPub will integrate revolutionary printing methods into Therme locations, starting with Therme Bucharest, allowing guests and visitors to develop and print their designs on-site, democratising the fabrication process and bridging the gap between designer and consumer. Using digital technologies, natural materials will be employed to construct designs that can be repurposed, driving the transition to a circular economy. The joint venture symbolises a new era of innovative, sustainable design for the urban ecosystem, seamlessly integrated with nature.

What is Fab.Pub?
FabPub (Fabrication Public) is the shop of the future which makes 3D printing and other design technologies accessible to everyone. People and companies can book the machines online and commission customizable projects which are then produced locally in one of Fab.Pub's “urban factories.”
Who we are?
FabPub and its community of designer-makers, will produce what is required, research new sustainable materials, share their 3D files, learn from each other and through our online masterclasses.
What is our mission?
At FabPub we design internationally and produce locally. Turning consumers into prosumers, highly involved in the objects they dream of whilst taking active part in the transition to a circular economy! Join us.

FabPub’s sculpture titled ‘Al Nehem’, was suspended between the four Lusail Towers just a stone’s throw away from the Football World Cup final in Qatar.

How can public fabrication empower communities

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