Discover the unique history, approach and capabilities that enable Therme Group to create the world’s most advanced wellbeing resorts.

Design & Technology

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Therme Group’s resorts are some of the largest attractions in the world; built and operated at the highest level of quality and sustainability.

Therme Group works to build the world’s most advanced sustainable buildings, targeting the highest levels of official accreditation. In its project development process, it combines the latest cutting-edge technologies, bringing together hundreds of companies, both in local markets and from around the world.

Projects are created with a far longer lifespan than other developments, with facilities designed to remain in operation for 100 years or more.


Therme Group stands for iconic architecture, green certified buildings and the most advanced facilities for personal wellbeing. Therme Group is now rolling out its ten-year global strategy with projects under development in the United Kingdom, mainland Europe, North America and Asia Pacific.


Responsible Sourcing
Sustainably produced, highly durable materials are used in every project and sourced locally whenever possible.

Therme Group’s proprietary BioTrue system includes biophilic architectural techniques, replicating organic patterns in the built environment.

Environmental Certification
The wood used in Therme Group facilities is FSC certified, ensuring environmentally responsible forest management.

High-End Efficiency
High-efficiency facade construction offers the lowest heat loss, best UV protection and most efficient light transfer available.

All flooring systems, composite wood, sealants and adhesives used in Therme Group facilities have the lowest possible VOC emission values.

World-Class Engineering
Industry-leading technologies for retractable glass roofs and facade construction.



Horticultural Wellbeing
Automated systems monitor and care for more than 200 plant species in a consistently maintained indoor biodiverse environment.

Urban Biodiversity
Featuring some of the largest indoor botanical gardens in the world, Therme Group’s facilities promote urban biodiversity and sustainable city development.

Connected Infrastructure
Sustainable guest travel is a key goal, promoted through direct integration with local public transport networks.

Advanced Water Management
Reduced water consumption is achieved through recirculating water treatment technologies, rainwater usage, greywater reusage and wastewater technologies, as well as water consumption control in showers, lavatories and kitchens.

Engineered Wellbeing
The indoor ventilation rates of Therme Group facilities exceed the requirements of the ASHRAE standard 62.1-2007 by more than 30%. This maintains exceptional indoor air quality, keeping guests comfortable and healthy.

Saving Energy
Therme Group’s energy modelling and heat transition materials enable an energy cost saving of c.55%, reducing environmental and economic impact.



Therme Group projects are possible thanks to over a decade of research and development work, our proprietary ownership of innovative, cutting-edge technologies and the vast knowledge of key partners. We envision, plan, build and operate our own facilities, evolving and integrating the latest technologies. This has included coordinating over 500 different companies in our mission to deliver some of the most advanced and beautiful buildings in the world.


With 1.3 million visitors a year, Therme Bucharest applies best-in-class sustainability approaches throughout its construction and operation. This enabled it to achieve LEED Platinum accreditation, making it the world’s first fully sustainable thermal resort. The global LEED rating system, recognises best-in-class building strategies and practices in green building.



LEED Platinum – Sustainable Construction & Operation
Therme Group achieved a LEED Platinum rating for Therme Bucharest, the most technologically advanced wellbeing resort in Europe. It is the first facility of its kind globally to be awarded this certification, equivalent to BREEAM Outstanding in the UK.

TÜV – Health & Safety
Therme Group equipment is accredited by TÜV, the Quality Certification System. This vital health and safety certification ensures the equipment of all resorts complies with the law and is in safe working order.

ESPA – Service, Safety, Hygiene & Infrastructure
Therme Group has certification from the European Spa Association (ESPA), Europe’s leading authority on spas. Certification is the result of a rigorous 400-point auditing process and internationally recognises the highest standards in the industry.