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MYND is a joint venture between wellbeing leader Therme Group and neuroscience pioneer MindMaze that integrates groundbreaking neuroscience technology in its holistic approach to providing wellbeing, in order to facilitate our collective’s access to preventive health practices and resources.

MYND adapts MindMaze’s medical grade neurotechnology for its application in architecture, design, and arts projects, as a result creating digital, multi-sensorial solutions that can be applied in Therme resorts and its arts and cultural commissions programme.

MindMaze was established in 2012 with the goal of accelerating humankind's capacity for healing, education, and adaptation. Its work sits at the intersection of neuroscience, biosensing, engineering, mixed reality, and artificial intelligence.

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In 2022, MYND commissioned new media artist and director, Refik Anadol, to create Sense of Healing: AI Data Sculpture A, the world’s largest neurotherapeutic AI data sculpture produced at this scale utilising human brain data.

MYND presents

"Sense of Healing: AI Data Sculpture A" by Refik Anadol

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